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The HygroVUE™10 offers a combined temperature and relative humidity element in an advanced digital sensor that is ideal for weather networks. The electronics within the sensor provide accurate measurements, and the sensor is easy to use. The digital SDI-12 output allows a simple connection and measurement by many data logging systems. Another benefit is that this digital output avoids the extra errors associated with measuring analog sensors.
A stainless-steel mesh filter on the HygroVUE™10 minimizes the effects of dust and dirt on the sensor while allowing air exchange around the sensor element and reducing the chances that condensation remains inside the filter cap. A small PTFE membrane filter is bonded to the surface of the element, which prevents any finer dust or mold from directly influencing the measurement.
Because the sensor housing is designed to withstand permanent exposure to various weather conditions and to fit inside a range of radiation shields (including compact shields), the HygroVUE™10 is truly suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications.
The HygroVUE™10 utilizes a latest-generation, Swiss-made, combined relative humidity and temperature element based on CMOSens® technology that offers good measurements, accuracy, and stability. Each element of the HygroVUE™10 is individually calibrated with the calibration corrections stored on the chip. You can easily change the sensor element in the field, which reduces your downtime and calibration costs.

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Dal 2003 proponiamo soluzioni basate su componentistica Campbell Scientific, leader internazionale nella progettazione e produzione di datalogger e sensori di misura research-grade universalmente riconosciuti per la loro accuratezza, affidabilità e robustezza.
Questo lungo rapporto di collaborazione ci ha permesso di diventare formalmente il Rappresentante Italiano di Campbell Scientific per la distribuzione e promozione sul mercato nazionale.

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